Performing and Visual Arts Education Workshops

We build on our students’ strengths and interests to develop their confidence in their capacity to learn and work independently and collaboratively.


    A King Gives His Blessing. Students perform an African festival    scene in full costume after workshops and rehearsals

Arts and Education

      River Niger aims to inspire the creative potential found in              young people by offering new learning opportunities through               world arts and culture.

The River Niger performing and visual arts program takes students on educational journeys of live musical discovery, where they can experience cultural encounters of place and people across the world.

All the art forms are interwoven into an interactive experience where students can perform what they have learnt in full costume

The Art forms are music and song, drumming and dance, drama and poetry, folk tales and folk songs visual art and textiles such as batik, tie and dye, block and panel printing and mask making.

Drumming and Storytelling Workshops.

The teaching of simple melodious folk songs with moral values and the playing of assorted drum rhythms by students

River Niger drum workshops enhances the students co-ordination and listening skills. It also challenges their ability to remember the drum patterns

 Benefits to Young People

  • Developing creative skills through imagination and exploring new ideas.
  • To improve knowledge, understanding and appreciation of culture and heritage in all its forms.
  • Understanding  the UK’s historical link with the rest of the world.
  • Social and personal skills are developed which in turn will have an impact on school, social and home life.
  • Sharing in a cultural event and combining focus with fun.

Programme Structure

River Niger workshop programs can be tailored to meet what you consider suitable within your educational institution.

 A varied and flexible repertoire means that classes and workshop content can be arranged to suit particular project needs and timetable requirements.

River Niger staff are trained & qualified to post-graduate degree level, with over 12 years experience of working in education


ZULU dance performance by students of Glenburn College Skelmersdale.

A ZULU Festival performance.


Visual Arts Tie and Dye Art Workshop.


Painting on framed canvas Art Workshop


African motif and symbols workshop.


A collage of African images on a ten foot cotton sheet

A Dance Workshop from the Congo


Folk Tales and Storytelling
Stories of long time ago interwoven with moral and educational values.


Village Festival performance by students in traditional African clothing.


Song and Dance performance by students for their classmates